Jordan Village Government

Mayor Richard Platten

Richard has served as Mayor of Jordan since 1979 after being appointed to the position in 1978. Prior to his election, he served on the Board of Trustees. While serving the village, Mayor Platten was employed with the Jordan-Elbridge School District as a high school math teacher. He retired from teaching in 1999. Mayor Platten continues to be very active in our community, serving on the Jordan Pool Committee, Chamber of Commerce and Jordan Fall Festival. He has lived in Jordan since 1965 with his wife Karen, and raised four children. They enjoy spending time with their seven grandchildren. Richard's current term as mayor expires in 2017.

Deputy Mayor

Catherine Ferris 


Robert Meixner

Catherine was first elected to the board in 2011 and then again in 2013. She serves as the reporting trustee for our D.P.W., specifically streets and drainage. She has also taken on various projects, including the design of a new website for our village residents. Catherine previously served on the Citizen's Review Board and 175th Anniversary Committee. She continues to be active in the community through volunteering at the Jordan Fall Festival and St. Patrick's Church Choir. Catherine owns and operates Drake & Ferris, Inc., a clothing alterations and custom design business in Jordan. She and her husband have lived in Jordan since 2005 with their daughter. Her term expires in 2017.

Rob was elected to serve on the board of trustees in 2013. He serves as the reporting trustee for our D.P.W., specifically water and sewer. Rob retired in 2009 from the Baldwinsville CSD as the Director of Technology and school administration. Rob is a silversmith and lapidary and owner of Rob Meixner Jewelry. He enjoys gardening, fishing and playing with his grandchildren. Rob also serves as Treasurer for the Jordan Community Council.


Mark Gustafson


Errin Chilson

Village Board meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00pm

Village Office Staff

Cindy Meixner

Village Clerk/Treasurer

Cindy first joined the village office staff in 2004 when she was appointed to Deputy Village Clerk/Treasurer. Prior to working for the Village of Jordan, Cindy worked at Jordan-Elbridge CSD as a substitute teacher for many years. She also was elected to the Village Board of Trustees. Cindy's community involvement has included Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Jordan Fall Festival and the village tree committee. She has lived in Jordan since the early 1990s with her husband of 35 years and three children. Cindy was appointed to Village Clerk/Treasurer in January 2014.

The Village Office is open Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

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